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Country Cyber Security & Privacy Officer Emploi CDI

il y a 11 mois Telecom Casablanca   267 vues
Détails de l'annonce

Mission :

  • Participate in external speech and presentation as a spokesperson, and effectively communicate with local regulatory authorities, industry and standards organizations, and customer organizations.
  • Connectivity and execution capabilities mutual trust between people support the construction of mutually beneficial relationships among organizations, multiple interests can be coordinated to achieve common goals
  • Learning capability Have self-driven learning capabilities, identify weaknesses in professional and business capabilities, and quickly make up for them through self-learning and combination of training and practice.
  • Business Understanding Global View, Be able to grasp business rules, deeply understand ICT business or consumer business requirements, and identify and manage security and privacy risks in business
  • Have successful experience in security and privacy of large enterprises or regulators in the ICT industry in the local country and have industry influence
  • Extensive external communication experience (including government, media, industry, and customers)
  • Have local security and privacy industry accumulation, interpersonal connections, and industry influence

Profil recherché :

  • English can be used as the working language
  • Have the ability to write speeches and related materials in French, and be familiar with the use of Office tools
  • Successful department management experience and cross-cultural team management experience;
  • External certifications are preferred?such as CISSP/IAPP
Description de la société
ReKrute accompagne depuis 2006 ses 3000 clients dans la gestion de leur capital humain. De l’e-recrutement à l’e-communication, ReKrute participe activement à toutes les étapes clef de croissance d’une entreprise par la mise en place de solutions innovantes et à forte valeur ajoutée.