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Planning Manager Emploi CDI

il y a 3 semaines Transport / Messagerie / Logistique Tanger   97 vues
Détails de l'annonce

Missions :

  • Manage, motivate and instruct planning department. Structure tasks and goals, establish efficient courses of action, set priorities, organize information and efficiently execute daily tasks with considerations to very high productivity and efficient utilization of equipment and resources
  •  Liaise with Managers and Supervisors to manage any kind of exceptions such as vessel arrivals lateness, increased yard density, adverse weather…
  • Follow up with “Shared Planning Centre” on vessel planning timely readiness and quality
  • Manage daily yard constraints in close coordination with “Shared Planning Centre” and/or equipment suppliers and setup the most optimal yard strategy aiming for high performance
  • Keep close contact with SEULOC and HOC berth planner to ensure berth plan is adhered to and connections are ensured
  • Ensure that data quality used in the planning systems always is of highest integrity, and maintained in a timely fashion
  • Lead planning and operational initiatives to support reaching targeted productivities
  • Constantly follow up with TOS and ECS teams on bugs fixing and enhancement roll out
  • Maintain and enhance relationships and goodwill with terminal departments, external/internal customers and vendors
  • Establish and maintain performance criteria for reporting personnel in conjunction with the Operations Manager
  • Perform periodical scheduled performance review with reporting personnel
  • Ensure personal development plans are created, reviewed, and carried out for all subordinates
  • Promote data driven decision making
  • Contribute to the improvement of existing methodologies, processes and measurements when executing duties on an ongoing basis

Profil recherché :

  • Requires an engineering degree or a master’s degree in logistics, Port operations management or related fields
  • Requires in depth knowledge of Navis N4, its associated optimization and automation modules
  • Requires in depth knowledge of computer-aided resource planning systems
  • Requires in depth hands-on experience of operations and planning
  • Requires strong leadership skills coupled with the ability to build a high performing team with the right combination of personalities
  • Requires advanced level of verbal and written communications skills in English.
  • Requires experience as a leader of a small or mid-size team
  • Previous experience in an (semi) automated terminal and/or a large transshipment facility is a differentiator
  • A forward thinking and creative individual who can relate to people at all levels of the organization
  • The ability to obtain cooperation and influence people while promoting a positive team environment
Description de la société
APM Terminals est un opérateur portuaire néerlandais. Il est une filiale de Maersk. on parle d'un leader en matière d'infrastructures portuaires, qui occupe une position unique pour aider les clients des compagnies maritimes et des services terrestres à développer leurs activités et à améliorer l'efficacité, la flexibilité et la fiabilité de la chaîne d'approvisionnement.
APM Terminals MedPort Tangier est l'un des terminaux les plus avancés, les plus efficaces et les plus sûrs au monde sur le plan technologique. Il est classé comme un des principaux ports africains.