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Sales Manager (IT/Telecom) Emploi CDI

il y a 11 mois Telecom Casablanca   246 vues
Détails de l'annonce

Mission :

  • Develop and manage customer relationships.
  • Achieve sales, marketing, and cash collection targets.
  • Be responsible for the establishment and promotion of the company and product brand.
  • The customer group is carrier customers and government customers in the local market.
  • Customer relationship building capability: Have the capability of building and improving medium- and high-level customer relationships, successfully establish exclusive customer relationships, and influence the decision-making chain
  • To guide and assist in the proper handling of negative events;
  • Customer requirement understanding and guidance: Be able to deeply gain insight into customer pain points and requirements, effectively present solutions, influence customer decision-making, and guide customers' willingness to purchase.
  • Project operation capability: Act as the project leader and be able to independently operate most project expansion tasks.
  • Transaction management capability: Be able to participate in project negotiation and successfully handle customers' special requirements and disagreements.

Profil recherché :

  • Knowledge of wireless, transmission, data, access, core network, software platform, IT, and service products is preferred.
  • be familiar with the sales project operation process.
  • Strong learning and analysis ability;
  • Strong communication skills, good team sense and organization coordination skills;
  • Full-time bachelor's degree or above, majoring in communications, electronics, computer, etc.
  • Ability to communicate with English smoothly and be able to use the working language. 
Description de la société
Manpower est une entreprise multinationale spécialisée dans le conseil en ressources humaines, le recrutement, le travail intérimaire et les services aux infrastructures informatiques. Référence internationale en matière de gestion des compétences, le groupe accompagne les entreprises marocaines dans leurs mutations depuis 50 ans.