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Transmission engineer Emploi CDI

il y a 10 mois Telecom Casablanca   243 vues
Détails de l'annonce

Mission :

  • Serve as a network maintenance engineer and maintain optical network products, mainly responsible for routine maintenance, fault locating, troubleshooting, and network optimization to improve network performance and ensure network security.
  • Primary owner for transmission network security and customer satisfaction of transmission products;
  • Have the ability to manage problems, learn new technologies, and communicate well.
  • Cooperate with the marketing department to provide pre-sales technical support and communicate with customers.
  • Have a basic command of WDM, OTN, MSTP, and SDH principles and ASON and MSTP features.
  • Have strong capabilities in diagnosing and solving network problems
  • Be able to solve technical problems of products on the live network independently or with limited guidance through analysis and locating.
  • Have experience in transport network OTN and SDH product delivery or maintenance.
  • Have a good command of common functions and operation methods of NMS.

Profil recherché :

  • Have strong communication and expression skills, strong service awareness, and be able to endure hardships and work hard.
  • Good customer service awareness, strong communication ability, and strong learning ability.
  • Have the capability of problem management and risk identification.
  • Have a sense of teamwork and actively cooperate with teamwork.
Description de la société
Manpower est une entreprise multinationale spécialisée dans le conseil en ressources humaines, le recrutement, le travail intérimaire et les services aux infrastructures informatiques. Référence internationale en matière de gestion des compétences, le groupe accompagne les entreprises marocaines dans leurs mutations depuis 50 ans.